Customer - Checkout Line

IDM / Downtempo

1. Blue Oyster Cult

2. Late Night Lake

3. Fur Robe

4. Merry Christmas (Love Grandma)

5. Monochrome Clouds

6. Mystery (Intro Mix)

7. Plus Verre Terre

8. Surfing The Oort Cloud

9. Tropic Of Capricorn (6th Day Mix)

10. Waves

11. Lorimar Television

12. Palmz

13. Today Is Monday

14. Tropic Of Cancer

15. Slush

16. Neubauten
Author message: 

Customer began by accident in late 2002. We were in college, living in dorm rooms and writing songs to amuse ourselves and our friends. Today, we continue to make music for these reasons. However, since those days our music has remained largely confined to our computers, our rooms, and our headphones. With this release we look forward to once again sharing it with our friends.

We have been working on this album for longer than I care to admit and throughout the process the music has grown with us. For this album, we wound up returning largely to our original efforts (despite hundreds of song-ettes and remixes). They seem to capture something for us and maybe something about us. The songs are straightforward, simple, childish, optimistic, and always a little sad. Just like us. This album is a salute to unfounded optimism. it goes out to the childish and the sad. We hope you like it.


Customer's "Checkout Line" is a beautiful mixture of IDM and Downtempo vibes, very nice for easy in-house listening. A bit of melancholy and sadness, packed in some kind of happy and simple outfit. It's a weird combination, and possibly because of that, this music just works, giving you the feeling that artist gave you exactly what he wanted to.