About Torrentech netlabel...

Built by artists involved with Torrentech electronic music torrent tracker, our intention is to release quality electronic music, not constrained by genres. So you can expect pretty much anything that is electronic, from zero-beat ambient to hardcore.

Netlabels today play a crucial role in quality assurance within music distribution. As a non-profit netlabel driven by enthusiasm, we are committed to delivering only the finest electronic music. Moreover, netlabels offer a natural method for promoting and distributing music that is essentially free. This brings us to the topic of 'copying_is_not_stealing' and the view that current laws cater more to the interests of the industry than to artists and consumers. However, this isn't the place for such debates. Here, we focus on fostering communication and humanity, offering pure audio enjoyment for your ears and soul.

Torrentech netlabel is led and moderated by pyc.