About Torrentech netlabel...

Built by artists involved with Torrentech electronic music torrent tracker, our intention is to release quality electronic music, not constrained by genres. So you can expect pretty much anything that is electronic, from zero-beat ambient to hardcore.

Netlabels today are are actually playing a quality-check role in music distribution. Since our netlabel is non-profitable and led with great enthusiasm, we strive to bring only the best of electronic music. Also, netlabels serve as a natural way of promoting and distributing music which is essentially free. And there goes the whole story named copying_is_not_stealing, and that the current laws are ignorant and serving only the interests of industry, but not the artists and consumers. Well... this is not the place to be rottened by such discussions. What we offer here is communication, humanity and pure audio enjoyment for your ears and soul.

Torrentech netlabel is led and moderated by pyc.