Re-Drum - Differential Analysis

IDM / Ambient

1. Graphical

2. Syrk

3. Paralel

4. Radioinactivity

5. Mute Lab

6. Pepone Cycle

7. The Flying Cat

8. Reconstruction

9. Cathodic
Author message: 

I started to make music when I was 13 (with the game "Music" on psone), back then, I was listening to DJ Shadow - Entroducing which inspired me a lot... Then I started to play drums and guitar and I listened to all Warp and Rephlex releases. And more recently to Planet-Mu and Dubstep / Glitch.

This release is a compilation of the music I've made during the last 5 years, using Ableton Live. Technically, I used a lot of samples (like Boyd Rice in graphical or Leo férré in Reconstruction...) to make melodies, rhythms... Sometimes you can hear a guitar or a some noisy sounds from my circuit-bending (like the speak & spell in Pepone Cycle / Mute Lab).

Enjoy the sound.


Nice & easy, loopy & bleepy. If you're into ambientish IDM, you shouldn't miss this release. By playing it as a background music, it improves your intellectual capabilities while working on your new geeky project. Really words can't be enough to describe the music here, it's simple: click on it and enjoy it. There's no false move there...