Dark Invader - A Million Dreams, One Reality

Drum & Bass

1. In My Mind Feat. DJ K-Os

2. Step To It

3. 21st Century Junglist

4. Unknown Bass

5. Be Strong
Author message: 

Firstly I wanna thank all the people here at tT. They have given me a platform to express myself and for that I am very grateful. I started making music when I was 13 with a CD i got free with a box of Cheerios! Then I moved onto FL Studio, bought myself lots of samples and started making the tracks u hear today. I am not concentrated to one genre, in the future I will experiment with other genres I am not so familiar with! This EP is a real testament to the everyday person... We all have a million dreams... but we all face one reality... peace people!


We're bringing you the proper classic sounding drum & bass from one of TT radio DJs and active community members. There are some relaxing as well as "angry" vibes on this album, and I guess the most dnb followers will appreciate this stuff. Enough said, now go download it! :)