Re-Drum - Colours I & II

IDM / Dub Techno / Minimal / Ambient

1. Blue

2. Green

3. Grey

4. Klein

5. Pink

6. Cyan

7. Klein Anatomy

8. Ochre

9. Red
Author message: 

Colours are deepness, they try to hypnotize you in different ways, with their own spirit. With this idea, I started to make this album, in two part. First part is deep and minimal, second part is ambient, IDM. Each track has a colour name which represent the spirit of the track. This is raw materials, I composed 7 of 9 track in 2 weeks cause the idea come off one day... Colours are varied, as this album is I think. Just chill for a moment, have a listen... words are great but music is better. Enjoy!


Here comes the new Re-Drum, now a bit more techy, noisy and minimal. We can still hear Re-Drum's touch to it, this is for easy listening by the people who also admire 4-on-the-floor beats. Naming the tracks after colours is logical, we all do know everything is vibration, every color carries its vibe... It's nice to hear how someone hears the colours... Do you listen to colours too? :)