Sonik - Recognizer

Downtempo / IDM / Dub

1. Children Of God

2. Cincinnasty

3. Jazz

4. Crickets Dub

5. Melting Ice

6. Pyramids

7. Sunshine

8. Takin' It Back

9. Western Sunset

10. Atoms

11. Right Now
Author message: 

Sonik (Jeromie Esterline) has been producing music since 1991. He can remember sitting on his father's lap playing a synthesizer at 3 years old and after losing his father at 4 years old he has played keys ever since. Music has always been playing itself out in his mind and he eventually decided that it had to come out, and so the process began. He started out on pianos and organs at his grandmother's houses, then later he got his first Casio. There is no philosophy behind Sonik's approach to creation other than simply needing to make the sounds in his mind come to life. It is a part of his life and mind that is inescapable and it pushed him to play with drum machines and anything that made sound his entire life. Acquiring a Casio HT-700 in the mid 80's, Sonik began programming his own beats and hanging out at the local music store. The first full scale production came in the 1991. The entire album was recorded at home using a Novation KS4 and Sony Acid for some of the tracks, Reason for others. None of the KS4 synthesizer parts are quantized, they are recorded as single takes and are largely unedited to give the album a natural feel.


It seems to me that this is one of the best releases so far on Torrentech netlabel. Clear ideas, beautiful samples and just floating... Nice and subtle changes, rhythmic adventures, it's really kind of hard to get bored by listening to this album. This release as a whole is very good, anyways I would like to emphasize few gems among other tracks: Cincinnasty (it just "buys you" on the first listening), Melting Ice (beautiful IDMish sounds, nice pads), Takin' It Back (funky downtempo track, bassline kicks ass), Sunshine and Western Sounds (pure Boards Of Canada trip :), Right Now (evolving just right, niceeee pads)... You can't miss this!