Re-Drum & Mr Bit - Blends

Dubstep / Dub Techno

1. Re-Drum - Blue

2. Mr Bit - The Wrong Ladder

3. Re-Drum - Blue (Mr Bit Remix)

4. Mr Bit - The Wrong Ladder (Re-Drum Remix)
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Mr Bit:
Hailing from the UK. Mr Bit is no stranger to the electronic music scene. As a DJ for 9 years and a producer for 5 years he has taken his unique mixing style to Spain, Italy, Holland. Through these events he has played alongside the likes of Meat Katie, Rob Da Bank, Ryan Crosson, Japanese Popstars, Switch, The Glimmers, Audiowerner, Breakfastaz, Nathan Fake, Streetlife DJ's, Dave The Drummer, Chris Liberator & Paula Temple. He has also played on the same slot as PVD, Slam and Adam Beyer on the Oban FM radio show and was even quoted "tip for the top". His love for music shows in his productions ranging from trip hop to techno. By making different styles he feels he can learn new techniques which can reflect in his music. Sit back & enjoy the world of Mr Bit!

The Blends EP started with the idea of Mr Bit to make a remix of Blue. I discover his productions and decided to make a remix of one of his track, The Wrong Ladder. And, here it is... I think both remix add something new to the original. Mrbit's remix add a nice groove/feeling and I think mine exaggerate the mad side. Blend your mind and enjoy.


It's where deep/dubbish/minimal techno meets dubstep. Now we have here something we can call a cross-remixed collaboration. It's a kind of communication between the two artists, exchanging the views to the same trip. Tracks are strong and sound quality is really good. Who said dubstep people can't get into deep techno and vice-versa?