Dave Stitch - Rave New World

Abstract / IDM / Drum & Bass

1. Medical

2. Silly On The Vallies

3. Look At You Bass

4. Wood Burning

5. ...And Rave

6. Life In The Artic Tropics

7. Morning

8. Bass Exploration

9. Opinium

10. Guilt-Free1

11. El Palmar

12. Backward Flutterby Echo

13. Distant Being

14. Greengage Flex
Author message: 

Most of this album was written whilst living in a bus around the north circular in 2005/06 (although a couple of tracks date back to a squat we had on Victoria Park road in 2003). It was finished a year later then put thru Hue Jah Fink's nice box, (Google this man by the way!!). It was meant for a hardcopy release but I lacked any throwaway finances. But now here it is. Long live torrents!!


Another deep one from Torrentech's kitchen. Somewhere between IDM and Drum & Bass with Experimental edge, this release is very good. This is one of the albums you just have to "switch-on" to understand, these tracks are not for child's play, and the more you listen to 'em you find some new meanings. All in all, this is the right stuff, for right people.