Mathew Pelton - Musique Schizophrène

IDM / Downtempo / Ambient

1. Introduction

2. Musique Schizophrène

3. Nichiyoubi

4. Borealis

5. Space Elevator

6. Robot Asylum

7. Reflections Of You In The April Rain
Author message: 

If you're listening to this, congratulations. This EP is the product of nine months worth of work (mostly procrastination). You probably won't like this unless you're gay for electronic music, but hey, it's better than Soulja Boy. If you like this, please distribute it freely.


Countinuing our quest through releasing the quality electronic music, here's Torrentech's new release from Mathew Pelton. From IDM to Experimental to Ambient with one beautiful Downtempo gem called Space Elevator which quite easily gets into your ear on the first listening. The cover song Musique Schizophrène even sounds like some new weird kind of Pop. The one very worth mentioning too is Reflections Of You In The April Rain which very nicely closes this journey. There are some live instruments (guitar, piano, drums), showing us the composer knows no borders between genres.