Ryan Pivovar - Penrose Triangle


1. Musica Melodramatica

2. Urbia

3. Pac-Man's Revenge

4. Everyone Is Fleeting

5. Vnerj

6. Explode And Reassemble

7. Centipede Over Amethyst

8. Particle Accelerator

9. Club Chachi

10. Like Fine Dust On A Piercing Wind

11. Do Not Be Affraid The Rotting Of Your Own Flesh

12. After Everyone Has Left

13. Penrose Triangle
Author message: 

The entire album is a combination of beats and hardware synthesizers. I used Ableton, Renoise, and Battery (as VST in Renoise) for software. The rhythmic structure of parts of this album is a true testament to the effectiveness of using a tracker for beats. I think I was interested in the idea of rhythmic disorientation through a good portion of this album, a la Aaron Funk, Stravinsky, Meshuggah. I'm really into Amon Tobin, Autechre, Modeselektor, and Venetian Snares, as far as a electronica goes. Thanks so much to Torrentech. Special thanks to Rick Fernandes, Stephan Rose and Ross Pivovar. Please enjoy.


If somebody asked me 2 years ago what will be the Torrentech's legacy as a label, I would reply with something like "plenty of serious techno beats". But hell no, it turned out that IDM and breakbeats are actually dominant. Don't know what's the reason and I don't mind too much that there's actually no "serious techno beats" yet, but here's another nice piece of art to enforce the IDM, the most broadly and free-form defined style in electronic music today. Ryan Pivovar's "Penrose Triangle" is really the enjoyable album, with some absolute masterpieces on it. You know how it goes, it's stringy, bleepy, rhythmic, but with the special unique touch from the artist. When I said masterpieces I was thinking the most about one track called "Everyone Is Fleeting" which is on daily non stop rotation here, I just can't get enough of it... Beautiful piano that is telling the story, nice rhythm section, pads from another world. Really a classic, expect it for sure on upcoming "The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 2". Thank you Ryan!