Geche - In Absentia

IDM / Downtempo / Ambient

1. Sepine

2. Niche

3. Lucier

4. Houdini

5. Geech

6. Latx

7. Besuite
Author message: 

A mix of tracks made since 2001, Latx being the oldest. Vocals by Emma Butlin, Sara Ellis and Una So-dirty Star. This collection comprises the darker, more melodic but less tweaK-heavy music from my vaults and has more emphasis on atmosphere and melody. This collection is for P Daniels and B Ryan as without them, I wouldn't be making any noise at all.


Now every admirer of music in genaral, should understand that this release by Geche is s e r i o u s l y amazing. I'm rotating it for few days now and I don't intend to stop it. It does remind me of the best Future Sound Of London works, because all is there: live instruments (mostly piano), female vocals and electronics of course. Audio production is perfect, really one of the best I've heard lately. There are no favorite track here - everything together is packed very well. I really won't spend more of your time here, I just want to say that this is the album you simply can't miss to download. Thank you valvestat!