Seaflyte - Voyager

IDM / Ambient

1. 34.73361,-115.24417

2. Voyager

3. Lakeside Apartment

4. Heat Lake
Author message: 

This EP contains some of the tracks I've been doing in my spare time lately. I get inspired by other music such as Boards of Canada and Biosphere, and a lot by travelling as well. I always like to travel when I can, both physically and in my own mind. I love listening to music while on train or metro with my earphones, and in some way that inspired me in creating my own soundtrack for those trips. You can reach me at seaflyte @ gmail dot com


Another great release from Torrentech's kitchen. Very suitable for easy listening background music, + there's Voyager, more rhythmic and very catchy track that reminds me of the first half of 90ies when IDM sounds started to emerge. As for Boards of Canada - this album is real tribute to them, once more verifying the fact that they are one of the most influential electronic bands ever. Really nice vibes for long term listening. Thank you, Seaflyte!