Boxmode - Wrong Era

Minimal / Ambient

1. Strange Lights In The Jungle

2. Subject

3. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep

4. A.G.

5. The Fury Jam

6. Flash

7. The Nameless City
Author message: 

Hello, I'm Kostas aka "Boxmode". I make music since 2002 when it was my first contact with music production software (and electonic music) like FLstudio and Rebirth. The current work started in March (I think) and was made with Propellerheads Reason 4.0. It really didn't started as whole, I'd say it's a mix of different styles like techno, ambient, minimal and some weird funky tunes. Thanks goes to pyc and tT in whole for giving me the opportunity to release this. Enjoy!!


It's time to take a little break and consume beautiful minimal sounds brought to us by Boxmode. Wrong Era album connects subtle Ambient and Minimal vibes, pushing you further to the "deeper" listening, as well as deeper understanding that sound itself can be beautiful. Album name is nice because we're definitely living in wrong era, and we don't have much reasons to be optimistic about the global ongoings and our fate. The problem is there's nothing much we can do if we're not really united and radical in achieving better tomorrow. Let's first unite around listening to the better music, from the better artists, which are recognizing and praising the fact that music is free. And if we _all_ listen to decent music - change in our minds will surely happen....