Josh Winiberg - Game Over

Techno / Electro / Minimal

1. Cave

2. Gear Change

3. How's Your Lizards Boys?

4. Game Over

5. Nocturne
Author message: 

Whilst browsing the internet one night (and one Torrent site in particular I discovered dub techno, after years of listening to just D&B. I fell in love with it, and that same night wrote Cave, the first track of this album. This was the beginning of my discovery of techno as a genre. The album as a whole was written like this - as I discovered new things, in my excitement I would write something new in that style. It was a very experimental process for me, and probably breaks some conventions since I've written it all by ear, as a growing fan of techno, rather than with any understanding of the genre.

The concept of Game Over came, since my post projects have involved writing many soundtracks. Writing for games has been very important for me, and I think some of that playful, situation-setting character comes through in the music. It's an album of light and shade, the familiar and the mysterious, at times doubtful and at others optimistic, but always retaining some playful character. For this reason, I chose the title Game Over - it is dramatically tongue-in-cheek, symbolising both ends and new beginings, but to be enjoyed and absorbed in, yet never taken too seriously...

The artwork was done by my friend Daniel J Cook. The style of the picture is Dan's trademark, called an Opt, and the picture is called Turntables. For me, it captures perfectly the contrast within the album - the blend of dark undertones, brightened with the occasional splash of colour and at times comical style. For more of Dan's work, visit:

I'm really happy to be included on the TT label. The community here is wonderful, and have great taste. The other TT releases make me feel I have a lot to live up to, which is both scary but also very exciting. I'm very grateful for being a part of the label and of this great community, which also opened so many doors for me in electronic music - I wouldn't have made the album without it.


It's very interesting to hear Josh Winiberg, experienced piano composer, making his first steps in electronic music. "Game Over" really sounds inspirative and I think it's because Josh actually was kind of amazed by the freedom to experiment and invent sounds too, not just melodies. This is some kind of deep and fairly minimal techno, but in the other hand, I can say too it's very unusual sounding and really not constrained by common understanding what is techno. There is lot of electro and some IDM vibe here. All in all, this is exceptional to say at least, and you should listen to it. But be aware of the fact, maybe interesting one, that I wasn't really aware on the first listening how much this release is good. Give it a few shots at least!