Seaflyte - Earth Painting

IDM / Ambient

1. In The Clouds

2. Arcadia Skies

3. Breeze Harbour

4. Stark On Fire

5. Shy Flower

6. Waterflow

7. Morning Sunlight

8. Blue Coke

9. East Of The Sun
Author message: 

Close your eyes and imagine you are on a giant balloon flying up in the sky taking you into a journey made of orange skies, green fires and blue drugs. You'll wake up kissed by the rain early in the morning. - Earth Painting is a new collection of tracks I've been doing lately. I hope you enjoy it.


Earth Painting by Seaflyte is really an album to chill out to. Easy landscape-like melodies, interesting sounds, sounds like inspiration successfully converted to music, like every track is written in one breath - that's how the best music is made, that's for sure... Go, use this music and be sure to checkout