Various - Cyan / In My Mind / New Kicks (Remixes)

Dubstep / IDM / Downtempo / Drum & Bass / Disco

1. Re-Drum - Cyan

2. Re-Drum - Cyan (Dark Winter Remix By Josh Winiberg)

3. Re-Drum - Cyan (Pink Eye Remix By DJSoul)

4. Dark Invader - In My Mind

5. Dark Invader - In My Mind (Sabotaj Vs. Dark Invader Remix)

6. Dark Invader - In My Mind (Undefined Object Remix Feat. Polly)

7. Customer - New Kicks

8. Customer - New Kicks (Fila Got New Socks Remix By Georgie)

9. Customer - New Kicks (New Sneakers Remix By Aldous)

What we have here is the first Torrentech remix compilation! It's natural that we came to this point because of the strong online community that is responsible for plenty of friendships and ideas of remixing each others work. Remixes are really not constrained by genre the original track is, so we have some dubstep beast here made over smooth dnb or even a pure disco-house remix of IDM track, so yes... It's weird and pretty much worth listening. Torrentech artists, thank you for taking a part in this remixing project, and for your effort to push things on a next level (of communication) .

Canar, thanks for mastering this release!