FIDM - Conjury Duty

Experimental / Noise

1. PCve Aggrshnn

2. Conjuring

3. Mtt2s25sprlql0

4. Equivocation
Author message: 

Conjury Duty begins with the impression that there are two forces fighting for attention, or that something off-beat is attempting to break through otherwise approachable music. The fight ends abruptly with the first song, "PCve Agrrshnn," and it becomes clear which force has won the battle. We are taken to a very dark place, perhaps the deep sea, perhaps the middle of the woods on the darkest night of the year (without a source of light and, surely, alone). Unable to see, we are left to feel our way through the anxiety-inducing eerie and ominous sounds. Nyctophobics beware. This album is for listeners who take the long way home.


Here we have our tT netlabel artist releasing under different alias. So it's Push-Button Saviour a.k.a. FIDM, giving us a bit more experimental trip on his new release. This is mind-intensive music, always unpredictable both in the means of structure and sound, begging you to be focused while you listen to it, and then the whole new world may emerge. Or should I say landscape? Or should I just say... It's m.e.n.t.a.l. and you got to listen to it patiently because only then you can reach the deepness incorporated.