Various - The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 3

Techno / Dubstep / IDM / Deep House / Downtempo / Minimal

1. Geche - Sepine

2. Re-Drum - Worried Man

3. Dark Invader - In My Mind (Undefined Object Remix Feat. Polly)

4. Geche - Lucier

5. FIDM - Conjuring

6. Re-Drum - Cyan (Dark Winter Remix By Josh Winiberg)

7. Seaflyte - Waterflow

8. Push-Button Saviour - Tomorrows

9. Push-Button Saviour - Always In Threes

10. Seaflyte - Voyager

11. Seaflyte - Arcadia Skies

12. Boxmode - Nameless City

13. Josh Winiberg - Game Over

14. Josh Winiberg - Gear Change

15. Boxmode - Strange Lights In The Jungle

16. Re-Drum - Dieu

Socialist Republic of Torrentech is presenting the best tracks choosen from 9 previous releases, in the form of a mix. I'm seriously in love with these tracks, and there's not much more that I can tell about them, except maybe that this mix is really eclectic, like all the previous Best Of mixes. Once again I wish to say thanks to all the contributing artists for sharing their inspiration with us and adopting the fact that the music is free, no matter what some may say. Let them live in their blinded world... Until they (hopefully) learn to appreciate basic freedoms and computer technology. P2P is everybody's friend.