Re-Drum - Quasars & Pulsars

Dub / IDM / Dubstep / Ambient / Downtempo / Breaks

1. Pulsars

2. Pulsars (Josh Winiberg Remix)

3. Pulsars (Dark Invader Remix)

4. Quasars
Author message: 

The pulsar, a rapidly spinning neutron star, was discovered in 1967 by Antony Hewish and Jocelyn Bell. Together the pair detected electromagnetic radiation being ôbroadcastö at regular intervals, which they believed might have been signals from aliens. Quasars also emit radio waves and radiation but are not technically stars. TheyÆre said to be starlike because they emit light. In fact, they are the brightest objects in the universe, more luminous than several thousand galaxies put together.

My aim, with this EP, was to tell the story of these two entities. The pulsating vibe and spacious sounds for Pulsars, the high level of energy in Quasars. It can be a bit difficult to define the style of this EP, it's between Dub, Downtempo, Ambient and Techno with a 2-stepy remix by Dark Invader. Some people may have noticed that Josh Winiberg (Flint Eastwood at tT) and me are often working together. In fact, we are collaborating in a new album under the name of "Carbon Robots"... and it's gonna be sick! Stay tuned, a taste of the new album is coming with a little introduction video.

Also, I've included a video featuring the original mixes, allowing you to have a full audiovisual experience of the EP. Another release is planned with Dark Invader's netlabel Ground:zero (@facebook), featuring a remix of Quasars.

Hope you'll like the trip


Re-Drum's new release is here. Yeah, pure quality is expected and he surely didn't let us down! Two original tracks and two nice remixes by Josh Winiberg and Dark Invader are stretching from IDMish Downtempo, via IDM, to some crossover between Dubstep and Breaks and finally closing with pure Dub. So it's pretty much of a variety, but still giving us the same consistent vibe while consuming it. Standardly amazing as all previous works, this album is very well worth listening. A nice video for both original tracks is included.