Josh Winiberg - Fairytale

Ambient / Downtempo / Tech House

1. Blocster

2. Frühling

3. Re-Drum - Cyan (Josh Winiberg Dark Winter Remix)

4. Fairytale

5. Frühling (Re-Drum Remix)
Author message: 

I first began Fairytale a couple of years back, when I first began producing seriously (the tracks are older than Game Over). It was written over the course of a year, when I first moved to Berlin, then continued in Salzburg... New love and new places are the inspiration and motivation, as well as a fascination with the newly discover joy of production.

Since the pieces were written quite a while back, I spent a long time going over them, trying to get a tidier production. But the pieces were a kind of house of cards, and the balance of imbalances held them together. The better I made them, the worse they got. So I've decided to leave the album almost as it was written originally, apart from a few slight changes. Sometimes we have to know when to accept past works for what they are and to leave them be.

The only newer tracks are the collaborations with Re-Drum, who I enjoy working with very much. The album features the Cyan remix I did from his album Colours, as well as a new remix from him. We're working on a collaboration album right now, when we both find the time between our own projects, and I'm very excited about what the future brings! So watch this space.

Thanks for listening - I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it.


Ambiental music with a rhythmic background is maybe what best describes the Fairytale album by Josh Winiberg. Oboe in 2nd track Frühling sounds almost like Classical piece, but still not lacking electronic moments. This music is thoughtful, deep, joyful and relaxing. Definitely very well worth spending some bandwidth and time.