Shivaxi - Instrumentally Challenged: Black & White

Drum & Bass / Big Beat / Downtempo

1. Insanity Rises

2. Neural Network

3. Countless Enemies

4. Dodging Bullets

5. Exposing The Lie

6. Inside Mind

7. Miranda's Token

8. Timeless Sun

9. Forest Rays

10. Planets Aflame

11. Beyond Space

12. Enjoy The Moment (Shivaxi Remix)

13. Nothing Left Feat. Transycom

14. My Red Planet

15. Universe Complex

16. Power Loss
Author message: 

Big ups to everyone who supported me throughout the years with my music creation. I probably wouldn't of released this without everyone irking me to finally release something. This is a compilation of many different tunes I have done over the years, starting back in 2006 when I was 15, to now in 2010, which I am now 18 going on 19 in about a month. I chose the name Instrumentally Challenged because it's true. I can sorta play the piano, and kind of the drums, but that's about it. And everything you hear in this album was digitally composed via Reason 4.

I first got into Drum & Bass when I was 14 by my friend Evan, and the first thing I ever heard was The Tide by Noisia. I was instantly hooked. Then next year in school, my Social Studies teacher Mr. Epstein showed me Reason, and taught me how to use it. Ever since then, I've been making music non-stop.

I certainly hope to have more releases in the future, and hopefully this release will get me out into the scene more, as I'm kind of unknown by like 99% of the DnB scene =P. Big thanx again to everyone who supported me, and I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did making it =)


Old school drum & bass listeners will love the classic sound on the debut album by Shivaxi. After several good listens I can only say it's a hell of a good start for this young producer. There are two faces of Instrumentally Challenged: Black & White, successfully depicting the feel you get while listening, and showing the way Shivaxi is seeing darker and lighter moods of dnb. It's not much of experimentation, but what's good about this album is that it's really the definition of drum & bass, and it's always good to explore the roots.