Boxmode - Illogic

Minimal / Techno

1. Dawn

2. Fundroid

3. Hull

4. Mood Gate

5. Natural Selection

6. Fundroid's Last Request

7. Boolean

8. Dream Sequence

9. Walk The Production Line

10. Main Functions (Strange Lights Reworked)
Author message: 

Not much to say. Different styles again, from angered beats to silly happy tunes and monotonus "hypnotic" (as pyc said) loops. Much respect to the people working in tT netlabel. Perhaps they don't realize the size of significance of their efforts.


Here we have another Minimal release on tT netlabel. As far as I'm concerned, Minimal is pretty much of a slippy ground, because
many artists gone too far and started making soulless trips, with no point at all, more like (random) sounds on a pile. Well, that is
certanly not the case with Boxmode's Illogic album: it's a sensible and experienced journey coming out from an artist that
obviously know what the dancefloor is. That's especially the case with hypnotic and pulsating beast called Hull. My warmest
recommendation is to listen to that track as loud as possible, there you may find the essence of darkest clubbing man can think of. :)

Thanks to syncopaint for cover art graphics!