Mathew Pelton - Bedroom Transmissions

IDM / Experimental / Ambient

1. Look Inside

2. Sinewarp

3. Polarize

4. Dying Of The Light

5. Negative Space Feat. Krovo

6. Diaspora

7. Finding Solace In Dark Places

8. Agate Butterfly

9. Technicolor Sunrise

10. Nichiyoubi

11. Everybody Listens To Techno

12. Catalocking Interacts Feat. Krovo

13. Final Transmission
Author message: 

Well, this is my second release for Torrentech, and I'm very proud of it for three reasons. For one, it didn't take me a year to record it (I started writing music for this right after the release of Musique Schizophrene, so...five months?). For another, it's about twice as long as the EP, which was my goal for this release. Finally, according to some of my peers, both electronica fans and producers alike, I have achieved a much more mature sound than my previous EP. That being said, I hope you enjoy Bedroom Transmissions and its musical tale of some techno-producing kid and his struggles to change the way the world listens to music through transmitting his bedroom compositions all throughout the internet.

...Okay, maybe this album isn't THAT deep. Anyway, please download and enjoy!


Another release from Mathew Pelton, this time even better! We can now clearly recognize the Pelton's style which ranges from Ambient to Experimental, incorporating his own characteristic melodies. Of course, there are some Drum 'n' Bass and Dubstep influences too, generally the listener can feel the Pelton is free to express himself being not affraid to mix the vibes, emotions and all kinds of different sounds. This album will be appreciated by any serious electronic music admirer.