Re-Drum - 1969

Sampled / Downtempo / Funk / Psychedelic Rock

Little Girl Lost In The Intro


Truth Spoken



Purple Haze

Soul Sacrifice

Jessica Jane B

Viet Conga

To Get Back Home

The Last Breath
Author message: 

The first impression I had when I listened to the final result of this project is how much it's personal. I made all the tracks with others people music, trying to take the soul of the past and bring it back to life in a modern way. Recycling, reinterpreting, reassambling. I think everyone can do that in their way and all their collages will sound different. Even if they use the same samples. It's like a picture of you and your soul at a certain time. It's personal also because of its sadness, melancholia or hope, because I was facing hard times during the production of this album. And it's better now and I'm really happy with the result of what I call an experiment. And I think this album fits perfectly the electronic music genre, because of this idea to go forward by looking backward (if you get what I mean). The album is pretty downtempo as an essence, chillout but some parts are heavier, sometimes with saturated guitars (which is quite rare in edm). I think it's hard to categorize it, I find it has its own style, and I hope you'll enjoy it.


Re-Drum's new album is pretty much conceptual one. He sampled only music from year 1969 and managed to mix it into very chilling and mature downtempo album. Really it's not much electronic to be honest, but given the usage of samples, looping and effects it quite fits into general electronic music vibe. As for the album itself, the first impression is that it's so so chilled and consistent. Nice and easy, it doesn't consume too much power to fully understand it... It's ecological - recycle or die, someone said once... :)

Thanks to syncopaint for cover art graphics!