Tweak - Your Brain On Drugs

Experimental / IDM / Dubstep / Chiptune

1. Shut Up And Sit Down

2. Help Me!

3. Revelationship

4. Sweet Chilli

5. This Lollypop

6. Water Baby

7. Round The Twist

8. 8 bitCH
Author message: 

A mix of random experiments and bits of tune ranging in age from 2009 to now - various different styles and feels. I am really bad at talking about my own work, so I'll let you make your own opinion!


A debut release for Tweak on Torrentech netlabel brings us some interesting and fresh IDM and Experimental sound. There's even one track that can be classified as not-standard Dubstep, and overall you get that experimental feel when you listen to it. While consuming this album, you never know what will happen next, and this may be the greatest beauty of it. But it's all so close personal and subjective when it comes to listening to stuff like this... All in all, you probably already know if you're ready for it.