Various - The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 4

Downtempo / Dub / Breaks / Glitch / Tech-House / Electro / Drum & Bass / Zero-beat Ambient / Noise

1. Josh Winiberg - Fairytale

2. Re-Drum - The Girl Lost In The Intro

3. Re-Drum - Quasars

4. Tweak - Help!

5. Tweak - This Lollypop

6. Josh Winiberg - Frühling (Re-Drum Remix)

7. Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Re-Drum Remix)

8. Sonik - Overload (Excerpt)

9. Boxmode - Fundroid

10. Boxmode - Hull

11. Shivaxi - Forest Rays

12. Shivaxi - Dodging Bullets

13. Shivaxi - Miranda's Token

14. Re-Drum - The Last Breath

15. Obscure Visions - Road IV

TT040 mix is out. It's my selection of best tracks from TT031 to TT039. Trying to put so much different sounding tracks together is challenging, but in the same time one rewarding job which gives the most pleasure doing it. Let's try to give some idea of the flow: First we go with easy ambiental but rhythmic tracks melting into dub variant of similar vibe by Josh Winiberg and Re-Drum. Then we go more experimental with some help of breaks and glitches by Tweak. Next is easier more melodic variant of tech-house (Josh and Re-Drum combination), then some pretty much pure electro by Sonik, perfectly melting into harder repetitive minimal techno stuff by Boxmode, then there is some classic sounding drum 'n' bass in easy, and then "angry/evil" variant by Shivaxi, and for final chilling out, there are some pure ambient zero-beat vibes melting into dark ambient (Re-Drum and Obscure Visions). Such eclectic mixes are not common, but it's certanly the part of Torrentech philosophy - celebrating and loving the electronic music in every possible form.

I wish to specially thank the artists involved with netlabel and then the whole tT crew which is following this hell of a nice journey we have here...