Cryxuss - Harey


1. The Rebirth

2. The Illusion

3. The Understanding

4. Echoes
Author message: 

Harey is the female main character of the novel "Solaris" by Stanislav Lem; she returns to life thanks to the mysterious power of the planet Solaris, which captured the feelings of Harey’s husband (a scientist who was exploring the planet) and create a wife's clone based on his memories.

My LP intends to translate the feelings of this "non-human woman" into sounds, through all the passages of her new life, from the "rebirth" to the end, which is represented by the comprehension of her non-humanity and the impossibility of turning back to the real life. "The Rebirth" represents the chaos and fear that the resurrection provoked to the new Harey, back to life after having committed suicide. "The Illusion" represents the hope to live again, to love again... "The Understanding" represents the loss of all the expectations.

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"Harey", a debut album for Cryxuss is out. It's named after a female character from Solaris by Stanislav Lem. This beautiful ambiental music is mostly for relaxed background listening and spinning over and over again. It is conceptual album with deeper introspective story about inspiration and intentions. Because this is definitely not for fast consumers, try to listen to it in its full length and even put it on rotation. It definitely brings a positive and calming mood with a bit of a melancholic feel.