Ceekayed - Motionless

Downtempo / Ambient

1. Forgotten Voices

2. NZ

3. No Movement

4. Summer's End

5. Can't Seem To Find My Way Out Of This Song
Author message: 

I have produced music for 15 years now, which of majority I have spent with trackers. In other words, I come from the demoscene. For the past few years I've worked as a freelancing game music composer, but I shove out the occasional "just for fun" song too whenever I feel like it. The music that I usually make (when no one's telling me what to do) varies greatly, from ambient to dnb and from 8-bit nintendo stuff to industrial, so keeping this release within certain genre limits was a real pain. In fact, I originally planned to make a full-lenght album, but when I finally got all the songs finished, I realized two of them didn't fit at all. So EP it is.

Big up to Xerxes (an insanely good ambient artist, google him) for pushing me to make an actual album of sorts instead of just crapping out single songs whenever I felt like it, and huge thanks to McJay and Mog for the cover art.

Equipment used:
Composed, arranged and mixed in Renoise and Chibitracker.
Mastered in Soundforge 9.
VSTs used: NI Absynth, EWQL SOG, EWQL SD2, Tonehammer Forgotten Voices: Francesca, and a bunch of freeware plugins.

I hope you enjoy listening to the EP as greatly as I enjoyed making it.


Lay down and relax. Put your headphones on and isolate yourself from this world so you can seriously enjoy chilled beats and landscape-like melodies of Motionless. It's difficult to find proper words for describing this music, but I'm sure it floats very well and it's very consumable. Audio production is great too, Ceekayed's is definitely hearing it, and it's more interesting because it's done in some non-mainstream tools like Renoise and Chibitracker. Thanks a lot!