Bloomer White - Stolen Goods

Downtempo / IDM / Ambient

1. Space Cab Engineer

2. Depart From Reason

3. Anneka - Shut Her Down (Bloomer White Remix)

4. Adaption

5. Fit To Display

6. Contex

7. Ra-Tek

8. Tape Deckin
Author message: 

I am a producer / musician from Ireland. After buying a MIDI keyboard nearly 2 years ago I've been obsessed with making electronic music, so I'm new here. This is my first collection of tunes I would like to release to the world. The tunes are little snippets of my journey of what I've been making over this time period. I am influenced by a large amount of music, everything from oldshcool hiphop, jazz, ambient & dubstep, this I feel comes through in this EP. I hope you enjoy. Composed & arranged in Ableton & Reason. VST used: Reaktor 5.


Torrentech netlabel was always specially pleased to release debut albums. Stolen Goods by Bloomer White is another one. Given the fact this is the first "official" output from him, I would call this album nothing short of outstanding. Calming Downtempo beats in IDM style, with some female vocals are really good way to get down and relax. No matter it's musical debut from Bloomer White, this music sounds so mature and I personally enjoy it very much. Picking favorite tracks from amazing albums like this was always a meaningless task to some extent but I'd still love to point out to some real gems like Contex and Tape Deckin. Absolutely lovable and full of inspiration. Download immediately, that's an order :).