Jean Maxwell - Remixes 2008

Club House

1. Outwork - Electro (Jean Maxwell Big Room Remix)

2. Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Jean Maxwell Remix)

3. Freemasons - When You Touch Me (Jean Maxwell Remix)

4. Swing Fly - Singing That Melody (Jean Maxwell Glamourus Remix)

5. Inaya Day Meets Nick Jay - All I'm Sayin' (Jean Maxwell Radio Remix)

6. Future Groovers - 10 Seconds (Secured Mix)
Author message: 

Jean Maxwell is a swedish producer who has remixed artists such as Freemasons, Uniting Nations, Outsiders, Outwork, Lady Gaga, SwingFly, Nick Jay, Inaya Day and many more... He believes that everyone could produce good music as long as people do it for the right thing. Even though he isn't signed to any label, he has contributed with many good remixes to the music market around the world. He is still looking for a label to get signed by, and still hopes to get a hit within few years. In this package there is totally 6 tracks included as well with the new remix "Electro" by Outwork, and we are the first on the net to release the track before its available anywhere. Be sure to download it!!!

He is also producing music with a friend called Mico B under the artist name "Future Groovers". is the one to first have the exclusive track "10 Seconds" to share with all members at the forum before its getting releases, so be sure to listen to the track!


Someone said: "and now something completely different!"... It was about time to introduce some pretty much different vibe on our netlabel, giving you a definition of modern club house today. Torrentech's field is wide-electronic, and here's the first piece of evidence: Jean Maxwell's Remixes of some popular house songs. Sweet, easy songs for happy clubbing nights, you know that vibe, the chicks, and all... I was always thinking that possibly the greatest challenge in music is to make good happy songs. Well, Jean surely achieved that goal. Not all songs here are remixes, the last song "10 Seconds" is original, and easily puts you in some happy dancey years (1990-1995).