Re-Drum - Illegal Narcotic Ride

Ambient / Shoegaze / Dub Techno / Deep House / Experimental / Noise

1. Intro

2. The Genius Of The Crowd

3. E.B.E.

4. So Many Stars

5. Riders

6. Lizard King (Dub)

7. Vapour Organic Beauty

8. Lush - Sweetness And Light (Re-Drum 33rpm Haze Remix)

9. They, All Of Them Know

10. Give Me Some Time

11. Neverending Trak

12. Edge Of The World
Author message: 

This album is more tan just samples over my stuff or a big mashup... It's more an hommage to a certain kind of experimentalism that happened after WWII, a sort of re-interpretation of the psychedelic experience. We know who are the masters: The Doors, Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Stockhausen, Can and the German scence, even Aphex Twin... all were making true psychedelic music. I'm not talking about the new psy, even if I like some stuff (psychill mostly). It's more towards rock music. But you can still dance on it. Some tracks are more suitable for home listening than others. I would say the first half is really made for home listening whereas the second part has a more Club appeal. Hope you'll enjoy this one, maybe one of my best, put lots of effort into it.


Illegal Narcotic Ride is album with an unusual atmosphere. Samples from 60ies and 70ies psychedelic rock all around. Add modern vibes and techniques to that, and you get the exciting mixture of past and present. Starting with ambiental tracks with experimental edge, flowing into dub techno and deep house. Lizard King (Dub) comes as a sort of intermezzo track, and is my favorite here. This album is certanly not the most digestible album from Re-Drum yet, but its value lies in deep introspection of composer. Finally, Re-Drum noted himself he feels it's maybe his best release.