Pyc - Then & There Again

Downtempo / Tech-House / Glitch / IDM / PsyDub

1. Form & Emptiness

2. It's Not Just A Dream

3. Click Taboo

4. My Version

5. Let It Unfold
Author message: 

Wandering through the realms real and "unreal", I came to conclusion that nothing is impossible. Or everything is possible. Everything affects eveything else, and this is just a wonderful and weird effect of singularity. It's the thing that makes miracles possible. Talking about the inspiration for music on this album that spanned about 3 years, I may say it was kind of long and even painful process sometimes and I just hope it resonates with someone out there. Final message is that the reality is stranger than fiction, and that humanity suffered a great deal of conditioning and indoctrination over many thousands of years, over many aspects of existence. No one has a greater authority over you than you yourself, so open your mind, let your spirit guide you, and embrace the intrinsic perfection of Universe, there was no beginning nor the ending. Time may be the only real fiction.


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