Customer - Chocolate Ants

IDM / Downtempo

1. Kari And The Fire Eater

2. The Tide Pulls You Out

3. They Look Like Ants From Here

4. New Kicks

5. It Was Nice... While It Lasted

6. Death Of A Nobody

7. Chocolate Milk For Wookies
Author message: 

Checkout Line was a lot of fun but we wanted to do something more focused this time around. This EP contains tracks from before, after and during the Checkout Line period but we feel they go together quite nicely. The three shorter songs act as interlude type pieces between what initially seemed to be the real standouts but we've found that these songlettes can be just as enjoyable as their full fledged counterparts. Two of the interludes even exist as longer versions, and seeing as how one of them is already a remix of an older track, don't be surprised if a recognizable theme shows up on a later release. Without further ado seven new songs from Customer.


Customer's second release for Torrentech netlabel continues the vibe we already felt on Checkout Line. This time, it's even more coherent. Nice micro sounds, pads, a bit of melancholic melodies, pushing towards the finer and finer expression. This album is to be listened from the beginning to the end, because it flows great. And it's good as a "background" music, too.