The Metaphysical vs. Rosetta Stoned - Get Stoned And Party!

Breaks / House

1. Fungi (House Remix)

2. Fungi (Dance N Dubstep Extended Remix)

3. Witchcraft (Vampire Fighter Remix)

4. Goodbye Witchcraft (Magical Unicorns Mix)

5. Stand Ft. Shunda K (Reggaytone Remix)

6. Stand Ft. Shunda K (Ambient Hop Remix)

7. Skipped A Few Steps (Darkstep Remix)

8. Last Supper (Dance Dance Dance Remix)

9. Rorschach Test (DnB Remix)
Author message: 

This project came out of the bizarre response to a house remix of Fungi. I figured after the fourth remix i did i might as well make an album out of it. I composed everything on acid (the program) with a bunch of generic drum samples and a hacked copy of kompakt.

When I made the original fungi remix what i was intending on doing was taking a song by Rosetta Stoned (which is a fairly aggressive experimental hip hop group) and turning it into a musical cliche of what i think house music sounds like. I have everything from the echoed out kicks, filter sweeps, snare rushes, initial buildup that takes to long, incredibly simple rhythm and music, and a slight musical change up on the second verse. What surprised me was after i made it everyone (i mean everyone) loved it. It kinda made me lose faith in myself... and everyone i know.

But i decided to run with it and make similar tracks with similar instruments and ultimately model it after Vengaboys "The Party Album." hence the title "Get Stoned and Party Album."

Witchcraft (vampire fighter remix) is a Delia Darbyshire sample with vocal spots taken from this video. Goodbye Witchcraft (magical unicorns mix) is of coarse sampled from Q Lazzaruses "Goodbye Horses." Stand ft. Shunda K (ambient hop remix) comes from the album "The Oneness of Juju." Last Supper (Dance Dance Dance Remix) was inspired by listening to too much Datassette. Everything else is pretty much original.

You can holla @ me via e-mail: metaphysical [at] farc . net
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Again we're breaking the limits, prooving that anything that's electronic and good is eligible for Torrentech netlabel. This time, we're bringing pretty much unique vibe. Why is that? Because every single pre-listener of this album said that this is the music they were not aware of, also there was a bit of "not my cup of tea" thingy, but that's really unimportant... Because in the same time everyone said this is really worthy releasing and the people really should hear this trip. As for me, all I know is that I like this album more and more as days go by, and one just maybe need to get used to those "intensive" rapping vocals here, but after some time you will eventually conclude they fit perfectly into this breaky tension. ElectroBreaksWithSomeDubstepAmbientAndHouse vibes... I think that can be the bottomline. :)